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Why do you like photography?

I love the stories it can tell, and the different ways to show people how you see the world. It can be very individual and creative.

What would you say your style is?

I like straight photography, with little manipulation of an image. Often black and white. But then I also love to play with a shot, cropping, enhancing contrast and intensity, to focus on abstract qualities like a pattern or unusual point of view. Slightly contradictory..!

What do you try to capture?

I generally focus on everyday scenes or objects, and the patterns that emerge. I often try to abstract an object or scene so you question what you’re actually looking at.

What’s been the hardest image to capture?

I like to take photos quickly, in the moment, and I find portraits of people often require more time to capture their emotions or feeling.

You have travelled all over the world. What is it that you like about travelling?

I love discovering both what is new and different, and what is similar and familiar. I love exploring the world’s landscapes, people, music, food, it’s fascinating!

What is the most remote place you have travelled to?

Possibly the oldest desert in the world, in Namibia. It was amazing, very dry and very lonely. Just wind and sand for hours.

Do you have a photo of that?


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